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Hydraulic - Telescopic Ladder Lift Equipments:

Make-to-order ladder lifts produced in their origin country and factory arrive to our workshop after having the custom clearance done by our company. Our professional stuff mounts the ladders imported as 'ready to use' with their original paint to customers' truck which was prepared using highest quality materials and state of art hydraulic systems in advance. The ladder-mounted ready truck is delivered to the customer after work safety tests, TSE certification and required operational and safety training is complete.

Electrical Compact Ladder Lifts:

The electrical compact laders produced in Geda GmbH's complex in Asbach - Bäumenheim can be simply powered through a power plug you use at home. Geda ladder lifts are imported and delivered to the customer after custom processeses are completed by our company.
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Constructional Scaffold and Platforms:

The constructional scaffold and platforms produced by our company can be set up to 100 meters and have 800-1600kg payload. Platform width is 120cm and basket lenght is 8-12 meters. Our stuff delivers by installing the prime quality scaffold and platforms at the work area.